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!RULES UPDATE for 2016 Season!

For the most part, everything will remain as it was previously.
The rules were made to stand for three years and in keeping with that we will be defining some points more clearly. 
Stock Class
Axles may be upgraded to 3/4 ton from half ton. Must have tailgate and original fuel tank.

Super Stock Class
No aftermarket Big Blocks allowed! No Bowtie or SVO, OEM Gen 5 ok

Modified Class
No cubic inch limit. 
Conventional bore spacing only. 4 wheel brakes mandatory. DOT Cut tires allowed, no tractor tires.

Outlaw Class
No changes. 

Super Modified
Must have adequate padding on roll cage.
2016 Championship Race Parameters
All races will be points races, points will be awarded as follows 
1st place 10
2nd place 9
3rd place 8
4th place 7
5th place 6
6th place on down will receive 5 points to show
Payouts will be to the top "THREE' racers in each class
Entry fees will be $80.00 dollars per race with $15.00 going to points race fund.
Lloyd Duran will continue as treasurer. 

George Bustamante will serve as Race Tech. 
A fee of $200.00 dollars per race will be paid to George for tech, starter and line judge responsibilities to include providing and maintaining timing lights.





37 inch and under, No cut tires allowed.


Engines must be correct for year make and model.
Factory blocks only, No Bowtie, SVO or Mopar Blocks.
502 and V-10 in original chassis only.
No cubic inch limit on displacement.
Big Block in 3/4 ton or above only unless OEM.
MSD 6 or equivalent race ignition allowed.
FUEL: Gasoline, diesel, or race fuel.
OEM cylinder heads only, original aluminum only.
Absolutely no aftermarket heads.
Tech may request valve cover removal if needed.
Must maintain 8 inches of vacuum @ 1000 rpm.
Engine must idle unassisted on accurate Tachometer.
Single plane manifolds allowed.
Headers allowed, must exit down, may be open.
Any 4150 style Double pumper allowed. Any OEM ok.
No Dominators or Predators period!!!
Electric water pumps, Stock electric fans allowed.
Water pumps must be OEM powered belt.
Race fuel allowed.
Turbo diesel must compete separately.


Trans Must be original trans for (ymm).
No Trans Brakes allowed.
Stall converters allowed, max 2500 stall.
Will be checked by holding brake and flashing throttle for 2 seconds.
Original transfercase only.
No linelocks.


No bodyswaps, OEM only.
Body and interior must be completely intact, no gutting.
Only minor fender trimming allowed for tire clearance.
OEM seats only, no light weight replacements.
Functional radiator in stock location only.
OEM bumpers and tailgate required.
Wipers windows and lights must work.
Open top vehicles must have roll cage.


No modifications to frame allowed.
Aftermarket lift kits allowed.
Vehicle must be in safe operating condition.
May not upgrade 1/2 ton axles to 3/4 ton 8 hole.
4 wheel hydraulic brakes required.
U-Joint shields required. Must be steel.






40 inch max diameter, No cuts allowed.


Aftermarket small blocks allowed, short deck only.
434 Max displacement on small blocks and LS.
496 Max displacement on big blocks.
OEM cast iron engine blocks only on Big Block.
Cast iron cylinder heads only. 23 degree max.
No Aluminum Heads Allowed.
No nitrous, no blowers, no turbos, no alcohol allowed.
Double pumpers, HP Ultra and Demon carbs allowed.
Up to 1050 Dominators allowed.
Vacuum pump allowed.
Puller headers allowed.
Must use OEM Hood.
Race fuel allowed, no masking or cover scents allowed.
V-6 engine swap allowed in mini trucks.
2 throttle return springs required.


OEM style transmission only. NO POWERGLIDES!!
Trans brakes allowed. Must have Trans Shield.
Must have Driveshaft loops on both driveshafts.
Stall converters allowed, max 4500 stall. Will be checked by holding brake and flashing throttle for 2 seconds.


Must have full stock body, minor fender trimming for tire clearance only.
May remove bumpers and tailgate.
Full stock frame required.
Full OEM glass required.
No fiberglass replacement parts allowed.
Fuel cells and fuel tank relocation allowed.
Radiator may not be relocated.
Open top must have minimum 4 pt. roll cage.
Must have roof panel. 
Blazers/Suv type vehicle with pickup kit legal.
Battery may be relocated.
Race seat with harness ok.
No extending or modifying of frame.
No lightening of frame.
Must have toggle style kill switch within drivers reach.


Must maintain OEM suspension, lift kits ok.
Ladder bars and traction bars allowed.
4 wheel hydraulic brakes required.
Solid axle swap allowed in IFS models.
Any axle swap allowed.
Rack & Pinion or Hydraulic Steering allowed.
U-Joint shields required. Must be steel. 





54 inch max DOT no cuts, no paddles.


Max cubic inch displacement SB 434, BB 514.
Aftermarket blocks allowed, cast iron only.
Conventional bore spacing only.
Aftermarket blocks must voluntarily check size.
No blowers or turbochargers allowed.
No nitrous oxide allowed.
Turbo diesel ok, single turbo only.
Aluminum heads allowed, 11 degree max angle.
Headers must point rearward or up, not sideways.
Any internal engine modifications allowed.
Gasoline only, no alcohol, no cover scents.
Dual carbs, Demons, Dominators, Predators ok.
Aftermarket fuel injection not allowed.
Minimum of 2 throttle return springs required.


Trans brakes allowed, must have trans shield.
U-joint shields required if using trans brake.
Any torque converter allowed.
Must have 1 driveshaft loop per shaft.
OEM transfer case only, No chain drives.
No aftermarket enclosed chain drives.


OEM frames only, No tube or box frames.
Frame may not be lightened or compromised
Frame may be shortened or lengthened.
Engine cannot be set back from stock location.
Front differential must remain in original location.
Original engine setback must be maintained on engine transplants.
Front of engine must measure original distance from axle centerline to front of harmonic balancer. This measurement will be determined by where the engine was located in the vehicle it was originally installed in.
If you are planning to put a V-8 engine from another manufacturer in a Jeep, Scout, or Landcruiser body, the engine will need to be moved approximately one foot forward of its original mounting to meet this criteria.
This dimension must be within 1/2 inch of the original measurement.


Ladder bars and traction bars allowed.
3 and 4 link suspension allowed.
Coil over suspension allowed.
Steering gear may be changed, must be safe.
U-Joiint shields required. Must be steel.


Center driver location ok.
Body swaps ok.
Interior sheetmetal may be removed or modified.
Firewall must completely seal off engine from driver.
Interior fabrication must be .060 thickness min.
Front fenders and grille must surround engine.
Engine must not extend beyond front of body.
Body cannot be set back on frame excessively.
Radiator not required.
Glass may be removed from vehicle.
Gutting allowed to remove weight.
No race bodies, narrowing OK.
Must maintain front and rear body panels.
Body may not be completely removed.
Trimming of wheel wells for clearance allowed.
Open top must have roll cage, No show bars.
Fuel cell and fuel tank relocation allowed.
Battery must be securely mounted.

Seatbelts required, 5 point mandatory except on
Full body and interior.
Helmet required.
Must have fire extinguisher on board within reach.
Firesuit, gloves and headsock required on open top.
Must have full brakes on rear and pinion or full brakes on front.






0-44 DOT Cut tires allowed, No paddle tires allowed.
0-48 tractor tires allowed, cut tractor tires OK.
Lug nuts and studs must be race approved and open
Ended, NHRA specs
Must have all studs and nuts.


Max displacement 665 cubic inches normally aspirated.
Max displacement 434 cubic inches w/100 shot NOS.
NOS must be plate system only, jets will be checked - 
.060 max jet diameter. 
NOS allowed on carbureted engines only.
Conventional bore spacing only.
M1, M3, M5 Methanol only, .817 Specific Gravity @ 60f. max.
Any Race Fuel.
No Nitromethane.
No superchargers, no turbochargers, no nitrous oxide.
Any engine setback, rear engine ok.
Any normally aspirated induction system allowed.
Any cylinder head allowed.
Only one distributor or magneto allowed. 
Minimum of 2 throttle return springs required.
Must have external kill switch externally accessible.


Any automotive transmission allowed.
Trans brakes allowed.
Transmission shield or blanket required.
U-joint shields required, must be steel.
Driveshaft loops required on each shaft.
Chain drives or transfer case allowed.


Must have some type of body.
Must have .060 metal firewall between driver and engine.
Driver must be protected from fuel, coolant, tires.
Must have roll bar and roof panel.


Aftermarket frames ok. Must be safe.
Broken welds will result in disqualification.
Any suspension ok, must be safe.
Steering must be safe and in good condition.
Must have brakes on rear and pinion or full brakes on front.


Must have 5 point harness.
Tether kill switch required on rear.
Inoperative kill switch will result in disqualification.
Must have fire extinguisher on board.
Minimum 2 layer firesuit, headsock and gloves required.
Leather boots required.
Must have valid drivers license.







DOT Cuts, Tractor tires allowed, No Paddles.


Any automotive engine allowed.
Aluminum heads and blocks allowed.
Any internal engine modifications allowed.
No blowers, No turbochargers.
One single stage nitrous system allowed.
Gasoline or diesel fuel only, No alcohol or methanol.
Turbo diesel ok.
Any carburetion system allowed.
Any fuel injection system allowed.
Minimum of 2 throttle return springs required.
Engine swaps allowed.
Front of harmonic balancer may not be further back
than front of axle tube. This is MAXIMUM setback.


Trans brakes allowed, must have trans shield or blanket.
Must have 1 driveshaft loop per shaft.
OEM transfer cases only, no chain drive.


OEM frames only, no tube or box frames.
Box or round tubing allowed on back half for suspension installation or fabrication. Back half allowed. Original frame must extend to front of vehicle. Front half not allowed.

Frame must pass safety inspection.
Frame may be lengthened or shortened to fit body.
Frame and body must maintain original wheel well locations.
Engine must remain forward of original firewall.


Any suspension system allowed.
Tires must remain in the OEM wheel well location.
U-Joint shields required, must be steel.


Any OEM automotive body permitted.
Body may be lightened, must retain all exterior side panels.
Doors not required, must have 5 point harness and race seat.
Fiberglass front end parts and doors permitted.
Replacement panels must be original dimensions as stock.
Extending or shortening of original body not allowed.
Gutted bodies must have minimum 4 point roll cage.
Open top must have minimum 6 point roll cage.
Must have some type of metal roof panel.
Cab or top must be original sheet metal.
Firewall must be in stock location and made of metal .060 min.


Seatbelts required, 5 point mandatory except on full body.
Helmet required.
Must have fire extinguisher on board and in reach of driver.
Minimum 2 layer firesuit, headsock and gloves required.
Leather boots required.
Must have rear brakes and pinion or full brakes on front.


Vehicles running in this class are legal for Super Mod as is!
Nitrous Protective Equipment!
Full face helmet and head sock required! Race approved.
Gloves must be worn.
Nitrous must be disconnected if dropping down in class.
Two layer firesuit mandatory for 2014. 
All other safety rules for Super Modified Apply.






Rules and Tech will be enforced by Race Tech and one representative assigned by Race Host. Flagrant safety violations will result in disqualification and possible suspension.
Confrontational behavior and belligerence will result in immediate disqualification and removal from venue. Additional bans and suspensions will be implemented as deemed fitting. 

Racers unable to stage when called to line will have 2 minutes to inform Race tech regarding delay. A maximum of 5 additional minutes will be afforded to stage and race said vehicle. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of that run.

Race host's will provide some form of substantial barrier or berm walls to protect spectators from race vehicles.

Poor Sportsmanship and Fighting or arguing will not be tolerated amongst racers or their pit crews. This will be grounds for ejection and legal prosecution.

Represent our sport as professionals! 

Protest Fee $100.00 up front.
Engine Teardown $400.00 if legal. 
Does not apply to mandatory huff.


1. All vehicles will be inspected for safe operation and safety equipment at each race.

2. Vehicle inspections will be done by the representatives of that class. One race leniency at discretion of all drivers except for safety violations.

3. Drivers must remove any loose items from vehicle to prevent them from falling out during the run.

4. HELMETS must be worn by all drivers, failure to do so will result indisqualification. No exceptions.

5. Excluding driveline parts, components that continue to break including but not limited to, suspension, brake or steering mechanisms or frame structures will be considered a safety violation and will result in disqualification for that run as well as not being allowed to race until the problem is permanently corrected.

6. All vehicles must come to a complete stop after a full run. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

7. Unsportsmanlike conduct will be grounds for indefinite suspension from racing. This includes arguing with officials or other drivers. Disputes should be brought to the attention of the event host before any other action is taken.

8. Vehicles may be reinspected at any time to ensure safety and fair play. Your cooperation and honesty is appreciated.

9. No alcohol or illegal drugs will be allowed in the pits by driver or pit crew.

10. Call time to starting line is 2 minutes. Time starts when previous vehicle is clear of pit and driver is called to stage.

11. All drivers must attend drivers meeting.

12. Best time will be used to determine winner. In the event of a tie second run will be used for tie breaker.

13. Late entries if permitted will run middle twice.

14. All events are required to have paramedics and security on premises. Proof of insurance will be posted conspicuously.

15. Fire extinguisher will be stationed at start line and finish.

16. Race host may not bend rules for locals or friends. Tech official will have final say.

The Tech Director will be paid the sum of $100.00 in addition to 1 free race entry fee to provide timing light set-up and support along with starting line officiating. The race host will provide all other personnel required to safely run and organize race event.

ALL RACE HOSTS - Pits should be made at least 20 feet wide and boundaries must be marked with flag or ribbon. Host must maintain integrity of boundaries throughout event. This will prevent any confusion on out of bounds disqualification. If at anytime a racers vehicle tears or crosses ribbon, vehicle will be disqualified for that run!


Good Luck!


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